Get That Novel Started

getthatnovelstartedThis book is the first step on your journey of starting — and finishing — “that” novel: the one you may have been talking about for years. It’s filled with inspiration that will help you hold onto your dream by giving simple rules for getting your novel underway. Before you even begin, Levin will clear up some common misconceptions about writing. For example: writers love to write” (they don’t always) and “characters ‘get away from the writer’ and tell their own stories” (not without a lot of help). Next you’ll learn techniques for expanding a sketchy idea into a complete outline — and how to choose just the right opening scene. You’ll find everything from exercises to do when you’re feeling bogged down to guidelines describing how the finished novel should read. If you’ve ever thought of writing a novel, but just haven’t been able to sit yourself down to start it, this is the book you need. You’ll see that with a little determination and follow-through, you really can make your dream of writing that novel come true.

Where to Find It

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