Get That Novel Written

getthatnovelwrittenHere is one of the most comprehensive guides to the craft of novel-writing you’ll ever read. In Donna’s follow-up to Get That Novel Started you’ll discover not just how to get to know your characters as if they were real people and what makes the juiciest conflicts, but how to choose words with precision and for effect, and how to avoid the dreaded “Barney Fife Syndrome,” which describes what can happen when quirky secondary characters try to wrest your novel away from the protagonist. Other topics include the many variations of point of view available (there are more than you think) and how you can—and why you must—make the stakes climb ever higher for your characters. Donna even addresses such rarely-discussed topics as foreshadowing, dividing a book into chapters and the modern writer’s love of the present tense. Each chapter is divided into “The Basics” and “The Finer Points” so that you can use the book at your own pace, and each chapter ends with tips for rewriting as well as exercises.

Where to Find It

Purchase  Get That Novel Written used at Amazon or, if you would like an autographed copy, send Donna an email.