Levin_07web_CROP-1_edited-2Donna Levin is the author of Extraordinary Means (William Morrow), California Street (Simon & Schuster) and the recent best-seller, There’s More Than One Way Home (Chickadee Prince Books 2017).Her new novel, He Could Be Another Bill Gates, was published by Chickadee Prince Books in October 2018.

In addition to novels, Donna has published two books about writing, Get that Novel Started and Get that Novel Written, both with Writer’s Digest Books.

Donna has taught fiction writing for two decades, most notably at the University of California Extension at Berkeley, where she led the Novel-Writing Workshop. She has also been a frequent guest at writers’ conferences, including the San Francisco Writers’ Conference and the Squaw Valley Community of Writers.

Donna’s work is archived in included in Boston University’s 20th Century Archives and in the California State Library’s collection of California novels.
 She lives in San Francisco.