I have already written in praise of the Kindle.  My love grows ever deeper, and along with that, my missionary zeal.  Therefore I would like you to check out this piece.  It’s a more even-handed and far more thorough look at these new devices, which are sold by several companies and will likely be sold by more in the future.  I call them all Kindle the way I call all cotton swabs Q-tips and all bandages Band-Aids.
The piece by Peter Suderman focuses on the technology rather than on the economic or legal issues: primarily how the price is set, how publishers and authors will divide profits and most of all, preventing piracy.  I have no idea how these issues should or can be resolved, but it’s hard to believe that they will halt the evolution of literature any more than similar problems have halted the availability of music, movies or episodes of Family Guy online.  I do hope that my virtual copy of Little Dorrit will never have an ad for an internet dating site.